About Us

To us, fashion isn’t just about clothing. Fashion is about finding your personal style, discovering what makes you feel your best, and showing the world who you really are. We’re here to help you find what makes you look and feel your most beautiful. When you come into a Tlaeyf, you’re our newest BFF! Our team is here to help you overcome the hard days, the insecurities, and the frustration of shopping to find exactly what you’re looking for. We believe in putting each other first and we know that sometimes a little retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered. So feel free to browse around, try things on, or even just drop in and say hi to the team!

Each piece of clothing developed by Tlaeyf is designed and crafted with quality and style in mind. Our team of designers and buyers search far and wide to curate the best materials and manufacturers. Each piece is personally tried on by and fitted to members of our team to make sure our clothes fit real bodies, not mannequins.

We at Tlaeyf strive to work only with factories that provide a living wage and humane working conditions when developing pieces for our own private labels, which are manufactured both in the USA and abroad. However, we do also carry outside brands over whose processes we have no control, and so, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that each is engaging in ethical work practices. We are constantly trying to improve, and so hope to develop all pieces ourselves in the future, thereby being able to ensure ethical practices for all our products.